Thursday, 19 October 2017



At SALT, we are always looking for ways that we can live more sustainably. With the arrival of the BKIND Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush to our shelves, we got to thinking about how many plastic toothbrushes must end up in landfills. Too many!

An everyday toothbrush is made up of plastic, rubber, nylon, and other materials that are no friend to our environment. None of these materials break down, which means when they end up in our landfills, or in our oceans, they are there indefinitely, polluting our planet and endangering marine life.

We want to help you help us be part of the solution! For the month of November, any purchase of $100 or more will receive a free BKIND toothbrush! Plus, if you bring in your old plastic toothbrush, we will give you another one! In fact, we are encouraging anyone to bring in their plastic toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, and floss containers to add to our collection bins, no purchase necessary. We will be sending them away to TerraCycle to be broken down and properly recycled.

Shopping online? If all you want to purchase is a BKIND toothbrush, the shipping is on us!

Share with your friends and help us keep as many plastic toothbrushes out of landfills as we can! While we will be recycling the whole month, the promotion is only until quantities last. Visit us at our flagship store on Salt Spring and our Victoria pop-up for the whole month of November to do your part. 

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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

FALL | A Season For Change


At SALT, we design elevated basics for your everyday wardrobe. Most of the time, that means we stick to neutral tones and shades that can easily transition from day to night, from work to hike. This Fall, we are excited to add an extra pop to our store with a few hues inspired by the ocean’s decorative starfish, coral gardens, and sunsets reflecting on it’s surface.

We know that bringing in colour contradicts our usual take on minimal decor and style, but hear us out. These days, a deep, colourful tone can be perceived as a basic when done right. That is how we feel about the Nero Tee and Pacific Sweater in our new Plum. A bold purple is dark enough that it doesn’t overpower an outfit, but still adds a flair that can’t be achieved with a neutral. It’s richness also invokes the cozy notes of Fall, and combined with the weight of our organic bamboo, each piece is like a soft hug that lasts all day.


Flint is like Plum’s cool, modern cousin. It is warm with a bit of a dusty quality to it. It also means we have a new tencel and organic cotton blend hitting the hangers. A lighter weight with a silky finish, it is just as soft as our bamboo and even more sustainably produced. In our Fjord top, it is worn loose and flowy with long sleeves to keep the chill at bay.

We want you to celebrate our new colours with us! From October 19th-22nd, use code AMTN-HUE when you shop online and receive 15% off your purchase.

These purple pops are not the only new things in stock. Have a browse around all sections of the store and find new styles and fabrics in both tops and bottoms, with still more to come. We can’t wait to hear what you think of our Fall/Winter items. We think they’re pretty great!

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

OCEAN CARE | What You Can Do

One of our favourite things about nature is that it is cyclical; it’s a closed loop system. It never creates anything naturally that it can’t deal with in some way.

Would anyone else like to go back in time to the moment when plastic was created and take with them evidence of how it has affected our planet? Plead with them to turn back, to say no to something that we can’t break down without polluting our eco-system? Sometimes we get that urge. Sadly, that is not an option.

So much of the plastic we consume ends up in our oceans now. It gets mistaken by marine life as food, choking or starving them; it entangles and drowns them; it breaks down into the water, polluting their home in irreversible ways. It is truly heartbreaking.

What can we do to help? Simply living more consciously is a good start, but we need to be doing more to combat the damage already done. Here are a few resounding suggestions from the global community of Ocean lovers and researchers.

  • Reduce Energy Use: Climate change is hitting our oceans hard. We are seeing reefs disappear, coral graveyards become more prevalent due to rising water temperatures, and higher acidity due to high levels of carbon dioxide being absorbed into the oceans. Walk more, drive less. Use energy efficient appliances. Be mindful of your carbon footprint and ways you can reduce it.
  • Straws: These handy beverage accessories have made the Top 10 list of things washing up on our shores. Switch the plastic versions out for a reusable option like metal or glass, or at least a sustainable, biodegradable option like recycled paper. Or simply just sip without!
  • Toothbrushes: Such a simple item, yet something so integral to our way of life. We probably each use on average 3-4 toothbushes per year. Keep them out of landfills and oceans by choosing a sustainable option, like bamboo. For the entire month of November, receive a free bamboo toothbrush from SALT with any purchase $100 or more. Bring in your plastic brush to be recycled and get a second one! Or just drop yours off to our collection bins. We will be sending away all the toothbrushes we collect for proper recycling.
  • Drink Containers: Staying hydrated is key and doing it without leaving an item in a landfill is just as important. Same goes for those of us who can’t be denied a daily caffeine jolt. One-time use bottles, cups, and lids are plaguing our seas and shores. Pick up a sustainably produced reusable bottle and cup, like a ceramic beauty made by a local artisan, and enjoy your beverages guilt-free.
  • Tampons: About 50% of the world’s population is female, which means that every month there is an enormous amount of waste being produced from menstruation. Ladies, (and the men who support them) make sure you are choosing brands with conscious packaging like paper and cardboard instead of plastic, or opting for a reusable solution like a Diva cup or Thinx underwear.
  • Shopping Bags: Aside from maintaining the artistic integrity of American Beauty and Katy Perry, there isn’t much excuse for needing a plastic bag these days, especially not in the developed world. A plastic bag is basically a death trap for marine life in all ways. Have a collection of reusable bags in the house, in the car, in your backpack, anywhere you might need one. The best options really are natural fibres that are organically grown, like cotton or hemp.
  • Food Containers: Everyone should be concerned on a daily basis about what their food is prepared, served, and stored in/on. Open that Tupperware cupboard, and count how many plastic containers you own. Now vow to never buy another one again. Glass is so much better for you and for the planet. Opt for multi-use items like jars. Skip the plastic wrap and grab a few biodegradable foods wraps like the ones from Abeego. Make your kitchen healthier and more sustainable!
  • Be a Responsible Boater: Boating can be such a fun adventure, but it should also be a reminder that you are encroaching on the habitat of thousands of sea creatures. Be aware of what products you are using to clean and run your boats, take care not to tread on marine life, and follow proper discharge regulations. Those of us ascribing to an Island lifestyle can’t always make a choice about how we travel. We can learn about the green initiatives of the the companies we rely on, engage in conversation, and encourage them to be more conscious of their impacts if needed. For Gulf Islands residents, that means looking at what BC Ferries is doing.
  • Make Sustainable Seafood Choices: The easiest way to accomplish this is to say no to putting anything from the ocean on your plate. Otherwise, you need to be mindful of where your food is coming from. Try to opt for local options that have been line-caught or sustainably caught, and avoid supporting exploitative fishing practices.
  • Volunteer for an Ocean Clean Up Day: If you haven’t seen a devastating photo of a shoreline covered in plastic debris, it’s probably because you have been avoiding them. Research what kind of ocean clean-up organizations operate in your community. If you can’t find any, start one yourself! Get your peers together and make a difference, even if it is just an annual or one-time event. Take pride in your home!
  • Talk! Educate yourself and talk to your friends and family about these kinds of things. Share articles like this, encourage them to make conscious shopping choices. You could make a big difference in the impact from multiple households just by sharing your knowledge.

Knowing what our impacts are and making small daily changes won’t be enough in the long run, but if we can collectively commit to habitually living differently, we might just be able to create the shift we need to start the kind of change our planet needs from us. There are so many bigger underlying issues behind these impacts. We need stakeholders like governments and big business to get on board for the real change to commence. We can do our part now, by making good choices and supporting organizations that are fighting the big fight.

If you are making a difference in your community or even just in your home in a creative way, we want to hear about it! Sharing our individual innovations creates conversation and awareness, and helps us all live more consciously. Tag us or e-mail us!


National Geographic

One World One Ocean


Global Coral Bleaching


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Monday, 9 October 2017

#STYLExSALT | Back to School

Now that a few weeks have passed, you have walked the halls and had time to figure out what you are missing from your academic attire. Knowing how to coordinate an outfit or build a wardrobe is not everyone's strong suit though! On the West Coast, early Fall is a confusing time for fashion. A time of cool mornings and blazing afternoons. You have to dress smart, building an outfit that transitions with the day. 

A dress keeps summer alive, and a turkish towel goes from shoulder wrap to stylish scarf as the day's temperature changes. School accessorizing is always a great reason to invest in a new backpack to fill with academic must-haves like notebooks, a pencil case, and lip balm. A wide brimmed wool hat keeps the sun from your gaze and your head warm, plus, along with a set of simple bangles, adds a finished quality to your perfectly balanced Autumn ensemble.




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Wednesday, 4 October 2017


Thanksgiving is an all day event in many households, sometimes longer. Aside from a great excuse to flex our culinary skills, it is all about visiting with loved ones, being thankful for all we are blessed with, and mindfully sharing kindness. We want to bring some kindness to the plate with this plant based, vegan Thanksgiving feast brought to us by our favourite cook Dana, the Minimalist Baker.

Before you dive right in, read through every recipe to review cook times, steps that may need to be done the day before, and ingredients for the big day. As you read, make notes to get your shopping list on the go. Planning may not be the fun part, but it is a small step and will save you time in the end! Pay close attention to the seasonings required, as some may not be in your everyday pantry. There is usually a general savoury theme throughout Thanksgiving, so lots of recipes will want things like fresh sage and thyme. Make sure you get enough! And pumpkin pie spice, or at least the mixture of spices needed for it. They will surely find their way into other Fall recipes.

The below list will get you started on your shopping. A few things you should have on hand in larger quantities, as more than one will be required in multiple recipes, and in many vegan recipes in general.

Coconut Oil

Vegan Butter



Maple Syrup (or other vegan unprocessed vegan sweetener)

Broth Starter (cubes or paste)

Almond Milk (unsweetened plain)



Pro-tip: The day-of is always a mash of juggling oven space, being a fantastic host, and trying to do dishes as you go so you don’t leave the whole kitchen a disaster. Review your menu a few days ahead and make a list of any prep work you can do before. Things like chopping vegetables, preparing spice mixtures, even making a few full dishes in advance. It will save you some sanity!

Dive into these delectable dishes for a homemade Thanksgiving that your conscience and your body will feel good about.


Creamy Fall Soup (1hr 30 mins)

Warm up the tummy and the appetite with this rich, root vegetable soup. Dana gives you directions on how to prepare Acorn Squash Bowls if you really want to go all out!

Main Event

Vegan Pot Pies (1HR)

Every guest will get a tasty little pot all to themselves. Don’t be deterred by the intimidating idea of making pastry. This recipe has a great alternative for a pie topper: Vegan Biscuits! These you could easily make the day ahead, left unbaked and ready for topping. Or, as suggested, the whole mix could be made the day before and then popped into ramekins 30 minutes before serving.


Simple Vegan Stuffing (1HR 45 Mins)

Green lentils pack protein into this popular side dish. Pair with Vegan Mushroom Gravy for some extra sauciness.


Best Damn Vegan Mashed Potatoes (40 Mins)

There is really not much to be said about a decadent serving of creamy mashed potatoes. Dana ups the flavour game in this recipe with roasted garlic mixed into a velvety yukon gold mash.

Simple Vegan Dinner Rolls (1HR 20 Mins)

Perfect for sopping up delicious sauces and the leftovers are great for making tasty little sandwiches or snacks.



Vegan Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie (2HRs)

Nothing beats finishing off a holiday meal with a slice of sweet Pumpkin Pie. We highly recommend following Dana’s suggestion of serving each slice with a dollop of Coconut Whipped Cream. Soooo delish!

Our mouths are watering! We hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving with full bellies and full hearts!

We’d love to see pictures of your culinary creations! Send them to us or tag us at

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Now that the weather is once again turning a little cooler, many of us will sadly be spending less time outside with the flora. Losing touch with nature for the next 8 months is the last thing we want! Being surrounded by leafy branches and chirping songbirds is good for our health and happiness.

With the majority of our time being spent indoors now, we need to bring the outdoors in. You know that deep, earthen smell of a plant nursery? It just smells like growth and life and quiet. Recreate that in your home! Pick a spot that you can create a living shrine in. If you have a whole room, even better! A few strategically placed stools next to a wide windowsill will do. Pick pots for your foliage that complement your decor style. Terra cotta, tin, ceramic, even paper. Choose natural materials that can be re-used in case you need to transplant your bigger specimens.

Think about what kind of plants suit you. Do you need something low maintenance, like an Air Plant? Or do you have a whole handful of green thumbs just waiting to take on a new challenge? Be conscious of the little members of your household, whether they are furry or not, you might need to research the safety of the plants you bring inside in case someone mistakes them for a tasty snack. Whatever your preference, get as many as you can and breathe in their benefits every day!

Even if you don’t consciously think about a plant, it will be doing you good anyhow. There is some debate about how helpful they are, but most studies conclude that plants are natural detoxifiers. They pull toxins and irritants from the air in your indoor space, increasing oxygen and decreasing your likelihood of falling ill.

We hear the phrase “I just need to sit in a forest for a little while” uttered more and more often. So many people spend most of their life disconnected from real nature, which is a shame because it does us so much good. Surrounded by plants, our anxiety drops, our sense of calm rises. Our mind opens, reminding us that if we feel cornered or stuck, there is always room to make a new path. Being responsible for the well-being of something living makes us more compassionate, empathetic, and fills us with a sense of stability.

Your plant sanctuary will be full of clean air and greenery. Green is associated with many things: growth, harmony, freshness, fertility, calm. It is also the most restful colour for our eyes. It is a symbol for sustainability and conscious living. Alternatively, green is also associated with greed, jealousy, and money. How you view the juxtaposition between these associations depends on perspective. We think we will stick with the former connotation! 

Depending on your style, you may end up with an indoor forest, or more of a jungle. On the West Coast, we have a pretty abundant forest year round, so we carry plants that mimic a more tropical atmosphere. During the cold months it reminds us of the last time we were able to bask in sunny warmth near the water’s edge. We keep in stock a variety of the Tillandasias family, or “air plants,” a low maintenance bunch that only require a good soak each week, no pot, no soil. Our Echevaria Succulents have great texture, bringing a bit of a geometric vibe to your mix. The broad leaves of the sensitive Fiddle Leaf Fig trees will transport you to sultry evenings in lush climates. One of our favourites, the ZZ PLant, is so easy to care for, and it’s glassy leaves and deep, wine bottle colour classes up any corner.

With the right combination of vegetation, you can bring your space to life! So have some fun and make yourself an indoor green space this fall! 


SALT Yara Tank  (online soon)

Mud Jeans Skinny Hazen | Pure Blue

Photos by Milton Photo + Life Set Sail

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun on the Earth and her oceans. Their constant cycles are predictable and dependable. Even though we may be about 75% water, the pull of the tides do not affect us. However, that is not to say that our lives do not have their highs and lows.

The ebb and flow of life can’t be put on a schedule; it is constantly in a dynamic state of motion. Change is inevitable, no matter how hard you try to sit still, so why not take back some of your control? Why not create movement for yourself rather than waiting for it to find you? The phrase “Good things come to those who wait” is fine when applied to teaching the virtue of patience, but when it comes to building a life you love, we must replace that phrase with “Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up.”

What ocean of doubt are you standing on the edge of, just waiting to jump into? A long dreamed of adventure? A journey of self-love? A new career? What feels just beyond your reach?

We know that whether or not it’s something you’ve said out loud, deep down everyone wants to be living their best life. We just have to find enough drive to go for it! If taking charge and chasing down your dreams isn’t something that comes naturally to you, we have a few suggestions on how to get started.


  • Set goals. At this point it might sound cliche, but writing down specific, attainable, measurable goals is the first step towards achieving them. If writing isn't much your thing, use whatever creative outlet suites you. Make a vision board and set an intention for each image. Post them on your fridge or in your room, and look at them often. They will help keep you accountable!

  • Create habits. Whatever your goal is, be it career, health, or personal, you need to stay consistent. It’s like flossing: it doesn’t really help all that much to do it every few months when the mood strikes you, you have to do it daily. Whether you need to start getting up 30 minutes early, making a To Do list every morning, or dedicating an hour a day to working on an idea, commit to it and stick with it.

  • Ask for help. We can’t all be experts in everything. Or more to the point, we don’t have to be. Specialize in what you know you can be great at and ask for help with the rest. Even the most impressive success stories include a cohort of supporters who are there in the wings ready to lend a hand, or just cheer you on.

  • Be braver than your excuses. This step is the first, last, ongoing, and most important. Fear is the number one reason we hold ourselves back. If the consequence isn’t some sort of extreme physical danger, then the fear isn’t real. Somewhere along the lines, we teach ourselves that we aren’t capable or that the potential for something bad outweighs the potential for something amazing. It’s hard work, but unlearning these lessons and pushing past the fears hiding in our excuses could be the most rewarding thing you will ever do for yourself!

If you have a great idea, run with it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the steps in line yet, if you don’t take the first one, you’ll never get started. You need to just take the leap. Jump in with both feet. You might flounder or stumble. Guaranteed you will learn. Eventually you will be your own tide, the gravitational pull of your courage sweeping up those around you into their own adventures!

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."
- Helen Keller


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